6 Tips for Staging Your Home

6 Tips for Staging Your Home

  • Real Creative Group
  • 10/27/17

When selling your home, you cannot underestimate the power of staging your home and the value it brings. Having worked as a creative designer and Realtor, I know that being able to visualize a finished project or a room does not come easy to most people. In part, this is why a staging consultation is included in my services. My clients can speak with a professional interior designer who can tell them how to best stage their home. Should you decide not to use the services of a Realtor or interior designer, these tips should serve you well.

1. Depersonalize

The buyer is trying to visualize themselves in the home. It's very hard to do this, and very distracting, when they enter a home and see pictures of the current owner and their family. You need to remove the family photos off the walls, counters, refrigerator, etc. In some cases, you can replace these photos with artwork, if it doesn't conflict with the next tip.

2. Declutter

As the old saying goes, "less is more." Buyers want as much space as they can get for their budget. If your home is cluttered with furniture and other stuff you've collected over the years, it can make the home feel smaller. This is a good way to start the packing process and purge the things you don't really need. Open up your space but keep it functional.

3. Decorate

This sounds counterintuitive to the last two, but you do need to decorate the home. Just don't over do it. Focus on the function of a room. A bowl of green apples on the kitchen counter, a cup with pencils on the office desk, or candles near the tub. These things give the house some life and help the buyer visualize themselves in the house. Remember not to go too personalize with your choice of artwork. Simple and abstract work best.

4. Light it up

Sunshine makes people happy, so let it in. Remove your draperies and open up your blinds. Let as much light into your home as possible. If possible, turn the lights on in the house before any showings are scheduled. It's also a good idea to replace your light bulbs. Some older bulbs take a minute to brighten. Newer LED bulbs are not only instant, but they are energy efficient and this will appeal to the buyer as well.

5. Curb appeal

Perhaps this should have been number one, since it's the first thing the buyer will see. Keep your outside tidy and attractive. A little bit of landscaping goes a long way. If the exterior of the home is in need of repair or paint, take care of it. Once a buyer starts getting negative thoughts, they start to compound. Make a good first impression.

6. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Stay away from bold paint colors and keep it light and neutral. This can help brighten up a home, give it more appeal, and help to eliminate odors. When a buyer walks into a freshly painted home, they can smell it. In marketing, the more senses you can appeal to the better.

These are just a few tips I would recommend to anyone selling their home. But, each home is different, and that's why I provide the consultation. Ultimately, if the buyer can envision themselves in the home, it will sell faster and for more money. If you are interested in selling your home, please contact me to schedule a meeting.

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