Buyer's Guide

A Step-by-Step First Time Buyer's Guide

Buying a home is often the biggest, most complex and infrequent transactions you will ever make in your lifetime. We’ve created this interactive workbook to help educate and prepare you for the process, and show you how we go above and beyond to help our clients achieve success!

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A licensed real estate agent will use their expertise and experience to guide you through the process of purchasing a home. They have a fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interests, not the sellers. Real estate agent commissions are paid for by the seller, so working with a Realtor® to purchase your home typically does not cost you anything.

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Choosing your lender is a critical step in the home buying process if you plan on financing your new home. A good lender will not only get you the best terms on your mortgage, but will also be readily available to answer your questions and communicate with you throughout the process. Ask your real estate agent for their recommendations as it relates to your own situation.

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Now that we have figured out how you will be purchasing your new home, it’s time to start looking at properties! There are dozens of apps and websites available to the public that allow you to search for properties. Feel free to use the one you’re most comfortable with, just know that some of these platforms are limited and can be inaccurate. We recommend using the Compass mobile app for iPhone or Android!

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So, we’ve found “the one!” Now it’s time to make an offer. Your real estate agent will discuss with you the price and terms and put together the legal forms to purchase. Once these documents are signed by all parties, it becomes the contract.

My goal is to provide you with the most personalized service that is designed to help you buy your dream home.

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Congratulations, our offer was accepted! We are officially “under contract” and the clock has started ticking down to settlement. It is now time to start working on the contingencies and requirements outlined in the contract.

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The last step in the home buying process is getting to the settlement table. Prior to closing on the home, you will need to obtain homeowners insurance for the property. Part of your monthly mortgage payment will be put into escrow to pay the insurance premium. You will also need to setup utilities to start service for the day you take ownership.


After signing the final paperwork to complete the purchase, you are now the owner of a new house. It may take a few days for your loan to be funded once the paperwork has been returned to the lender, but once that check is delivered to the seller, you’ll be all set to move into the home of your dreams. 

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